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I’m Yichun Huang, a multi-media artist based in London completing my MA in Visual Communication at Royal College of Art. My artistic background is rooted in oil painting, but I have since expanded my practice to encompass a variety of mediums, including abstract and digital paintings. My artistic process is driven by a desire to explore the unseen world around us and to bring attention to the often-overlooked aspects of our reality. It revolves around philosophy, religion, and the laws of the universe.

Through my work, I aim to challenge viewers' perceptions of the world and encourage them to consider new ways of seeing and understanding their surroundings. By combining traditional and modern techniques, I seek to create a bridge between the past and the present, exploring the boundaries between the physical and digital realms. Ultimately, my goal is to create art that engages and inspires, encouraging viewers to join me on a journey of discovery and exploration and providing the audience with enlightening and healing energies. It seeks to find oneself in the realms of time-space travel and spiritual healing,


Jul 2023 — Asian Art in London Summer Event-Cromwell Place,London

Jul 2023Ancient Tales: Sacred geometry, where heaven meets earth—Artsy Online,London

May 2023 —The Contemporary Craft Fair-Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour,London

Jul 2022 —Royal College of Art Graduate Show - Royal College of Art, London

Mar 2022 — Royal College of Art Wip - Royal College of Art, London

Mar 2022 — It’s all fun until...-  Safe House, London

Feb 2022 — Pull Over and Take a Cig -Espacio Gallery, London

Oct 2021 — Fashion ZooxArt Zoo -Modern Art Museum, Shanghai

2021 — Decode Collapse (online) -Royal College of Art, London

Aug 2021 — Star Start-2 -REAR WINDOW Studio, Hangzhou

Jun 2021 — Brighten up the Night -Yuan Art Museum, Hangzhou


2020 — 2022
MA Visual Communication
Royal College of Art
London, UK

2016 — 2020
BA Painting
Minzu University of China
Beijing, China